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Did You Hear That PUBG And 117 Apps Have Been Banned In The Country?



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Playing games on mobile phones have been one of the most popular ways to pass time since the invention of games. And with the new ones coming in with amazing graphics, these apps have been seen with an influx of new users. With the rise in fresh tensions along the Eastern Ladakh border, we just heard that the insanely popular game PUBG Mobile along with other Chinese apps just got banned, and here’s all you need to know about the move.

No More Landing In Pochinki! | On Wednesday, the 1st of September, the Ministry Of Information And Technology banned 118 Chinese apps in the country, which also includes the popular game PUBG Mobile by Tencent Games. Besides this famous mobile game, other apps like Baidu, Baidu Express Edition, Tencent Watchlist, FaceU, WeChat Reading and Tencent Weiyun were also banned. It’s said that there are nearly a staggering 33 million active users of the game, and every day the game sees an influx of 13 million users. 

This move is supposed to have been taken with the motive of ensuring safety, security and sovereignty of the Indian cyberspace. 

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Sourced Via Hindustan Times