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Did We Just Hear That The Sunday Book Market At Daryaganj Has Been Shut Down (No Way!)?


Everyone who enjoys reading books has visited the iconic and super-popular Sunday book market in Delhi’s walled city at least once, right? Boasting of a crazy collection with every genre and author under the sun at throw-away prices, it’s a haven for an avid reader! But, you may not be able to drop by and here’s why.

No More Sunday-Funday? | So, the Delhi High Court has ordered for shutting down of the popular Sunday book market. In case you don’t know, this famous market is a heaven for all you people who love reading books. The market which is known for selling awesomesauce books at slashed prices will no longer be permitted to operate on Sundays at Netaji Subhash Marg near Jama Masjid! So, the Delhi Police had earlier submitted a report stating that this stretch is a very busy road and that the book-sellers occupy the footpath leaving no space for the pedestrians to walk on.

This decision will cause a massive financial strain on the 250 sellers who set shop there as this used to be the sole income for most of them! The officials are trying to relocate the sellers to Ramlila Maidan, but they refuse to do so. The vendors cite that they just have one Sunday when they put up the market but lose out on the week approaching Republic & Independence Days. But being moved to Ramlila Ground would mean that the market would be interrupted by many festive rallies & celebrations resulting in much-less business days!  

The market has previously been shut for 5 weeks in January last year, let’s hope that it’s temporary this time around as well!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times