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Did We Just Hear That Govt. Office Hrs May Be Rescheduled To Reduce Air Pollution?


After the Odd-Even scheme, the Delhi Government is in talks of a new initiative to save the city from the increasing air pollution during winters which may give you a few more hours to lie in! 

Sleep More & Save The Earth | The Delhi Government might reschedule the work hours as a response to the increased pollution levels in the city during winters. Delhi’s Chief Minister said that this initiative will help in tackling the pollution and congestion on roads, aside from the Odd-Even scheme that’ll also be implemented to curb the smog levels in the city.

So, basically the office hours of more than one lakh employees of the Delhi government starts between 8:30 and 9:30 AM leading to increased congestion and hence more pollution. So, the government might tinker a bit with the timings of the office-goers, however, the number of working hours will remain fixed at 8 hours per day.

So, if you’re a night person and hate to get up early for office, this might be a bit of relaxation for you and a good initiative for the environment as well.

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