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Did We Just Hear That Jumping The Traffic Signal Can Now Cost You Upto Rs 10,000?



The new traffic rules have been creating quite a stir amongst the populace and all social media platforms have been flooded with memes and instances of people getting caught violating the traffic rules. Due to a bunch of new amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act, there have been some major changes and you need to know about them.

By Leaps And Bounds | So, the new rules came into being on September 1st, i.e., Sunday and since then, quite tragic albeit hilarious episodes have ensued. We recently heard about this auto-driver who was penalised Rs 32,500 for jumping the red light! Yep, you read that absolutely correct. The deal is that under the newly amended Motor Vehicles Act, you’ll now have to pay a fine of upto Rs 10,000 if you’re caught jumping the signal, as opposed to the earlier challan of a measly 100 bucks.

According to the new regulations, for the first offence, it can set you back by anything between Rs 1,000 - 5,000 or jail time of 6-12 months or BOTH, but for the subsequent one, you may have to shell out Rs 10,000 or complete a year of jailtime or BOTH (woah)! While these rules will make sure that people think twice before breaking the law, the public’s response has been a mixed one.

So, if you’re wondering why the auto-driver had to pay such a hefty amount? We’ll tell, you why. The reason is that he failed to produce the necessary documents that were required and had jumped the traffic signal. These two offences when combined together resulted in the colossal fine amount. Some of the other offences with incredibly high penalty include driving without a license at Rs 5,000 or driving despite disqualification at Rs 10,000.

So, what are your thoughts on this?!

Sourced Via The Times Of India