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Did We Just Hear That Delhi Metro Modified Its Tracks To Save Nearly 13,000 Trees?



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Were you also extremely heartbroken and furious after knowing about the massacre caused to Aarey trees in Mumbai? Well, here’s a bit of a relief it seems, as DMRC has supposedly saved approx 13,000 trees by modifying its routes a bit!

On A Greener Route | So, from what we’ve learnt, DMRC has had to face various issues while building their network of around 377 km. Until completion of their Phase III, the DMRC has modified its track in order to save around 13,000 trees. DMRC felled 43,000 trees and in compensation for that, they’ve also planted nearly 5.3 lakhs saplings, the survival rate of which has been around 80%. 

Plus, they’ve also modified their heritage line which passes nearby Jantar Mantar, Agrasen Ki Baoli, Khooni Darwaaza, Feroz Shah Kotla and more, by shifting the alignment of the up-and-down lines in order to assure that nothing harms the heritage sites or their surroundings!

Well, Seems like DMRC is really paying attention towards saving this planet! 

Sourced Via The Times Of India