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Dig Into Satisfyingly Cheesy Desi Street-Style Pizzas Outside Tilak Nagar Metro Station!



Hello, foodies! Are you an ardent pizza lover? If yes, then we have a lil affordable something that you wouldn’t wanna miss out on - keep scrolling!

Desi Street-Style Pizza, Anyone? | We found this humble stall near Tilak Nagar Metro Station that dishes out something that all you pizza lovers would wanna get your hands on. These lovelies are not-so-fancy albeit incredibly toothsome street-style pizzas which are loaded with fresh veggies like tomatoes, onions, corn, olives, jalapenos and needless to say, a generous amount of cheese - yum! But the best bit is that this desi pizza is available for - get this - Rs 150, which ain’t too shabby!

So, when you’re in the area next, all you gotta do is head over to this place after that long metro ride and satisfy your fast food cravings!

Price | Rs 150
Where | Unnamed Stall - Tilak Nagar Metro Station