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Devour Unicorn Fries, Oreo Pakodas & Oodles More Funky Stuff @ This Colourful New NSP Cafe



Disclaimer: Bearing in mind the current restrictions in the city and the world at large, we're tweaking our content policy and recommendations to focus more on staying indoors and exploring the digital world and all its wondrous offerings! Stay positive, keep hygiene levels up and don't fall prey to panic and misinformation.

An awesome sauce (not to mention super Insta-worthy) cafe is has just popped up on the NSP foodie block and we’re going gaga gushing about it! Read on to find out why!

Go Dhadoom With Food | Called Dhadoom, this cafe has comic strips adorning its walls and the most insane variety of fries you’ll ever find! Their crazy saucy fries includes options like Mumbaiya Pav Bhaji Fries, American Cheesy Balls Fries, Soya Makhani Fries and LOTS more starting at (just) Rs 139! 

These guys also get full marks for presentation - they have special Unicorn Fries which they serve in a cute lil truck and it’s just aww-some! These guys also have some really innovative add-ons to their dishes like Kaala Khatta, Desi Imli and more. 

Come on by and make sure you bring your cameras along!

Meal For Two | Rs 400
Timings | 11 AM - 12 AM
Where | Dhadoom -  Aggarwal Millenium Tower, Netaji Subhash Place
Check Out Their FB Page |