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Devour These 3 MASSIVE Parathas In An Hour & You Can Win A Whopping Rs 11,000 HERE


Picture Credits: chatpati_shikha

Ever imagined being paid for actually devouring parathas? Yep, this is a real thing you guys! Paratha lovers are given the mammoth task of eating three king-size parathas prepared by Prisha Parantha Junction in Uttam Nagar, and if you somehow manage to do this in an hour, you can win Rs 11,000!

Put That Joey’s Belly To Good Use | Their huge parathas are anything BUT stereotypical - they’re made with 600 gms of flour, potatoes and onions. Thought that was more than enough? Think again! The parathas also come with 3 (no, really) chunks of Amul Butter, 3 portions of chutney and a huge bowl of raita plus pickle! 

So basically if you consider yourself a bhukkad of gigantic proportions (or know someone who fits the bill), then you need to head on over ASAP!

Where | Prisha Parantha Junction - Uttam Nagar, Opposite Metro Pillar No. 715
Price Per Paratha | Rs 320
Call Them | +91 8375 092 909 
Check Out Their FB Page |