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Devour Pulled Tava Chicken Masala Burger From This Well-Known Fried Chicken Place In SDA

Dilli Glutton 13 Sept 2019


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Chicken burger has a special place in the hearts of chicken lovers, right? And to celebrate this iconic dish, we just came across this eatery in Delhi that dishes out your good ol’ chicken burger with a desi pulled-apart twist. Yep, it’s as enticing as it sounds!

It’s Always Fry-Yay HERE | New Delhi Fried Chicken And Co is a little shop located in the buzzing SDA market that’s popular for pampering us with tasty fried chicken with a desi twist. The menu here includes a wide range of yummies that every non-veg lover should definitely gorge on. We’re obsessed with their drool-worthy Pulled Tava Chicken Masala Burger which is basically your pulled-apart chicken cooked with flavourful Indian spices that give a desi kick to this videshi burger - yum!

This delicious snack is available for Rs 199 but that’s not all that you can feast on here. They’re also known for dishing out a bunch of other lip-smacking yummies such as Bhut Jholokia Baked Chicken Wings, Classic Butter Chicken Rice Bowl, Chicken Keema Slider, Tandoori Chicken Popcorn and loads of other equally tempting options - nice.

Sounds pretty convincing to us, when are you landing up?

Where | New Delhi Fried Chicken And Co - Shop 1, C 11, Community Centre, SDA
Price | Rs 199
Timings | 10 AM - 12 Midnight
Call Them | +91 11 4553 3338
Follow Them On Insta |