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Devour Fluffy Mint, Imli & Blueberry Waffles @ This Waffle Joint In Punjabi Bagh

Dilli Glutton 19 June 2017


Attention all waffle-loving-Delhiites! There’s a new joint in Punjabi Bagh dedicated ENTIRELY to waffles. Just Waffling Around is a small joint in West Punjabi Bagh which offers a bunch of waffles like Nutella, Toffee, Mango, Chocolate and some pretty unique ones like Imli, Sharifa and Mint Waffles - we’re not kidding. Plus, their waffles are 100% eggless, so all you vegetarian can devour them without worrying. These guys also offer shakes, teas and coffee.

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Just when you enter, the place will greet you with the scent of fresh waffles and ice creams. It’s decorated with flowers hanging from the drapes, bird cages on the walls and a bookshelf. There’s confetti strewn on the ground and a view of the buzzing market of Punjabi Bagh outside. The seating area isn’t very spacious, so be prepared to wait your turn. The entrance to the joint will motivate you with inspirational foodie quotes emblazoned on the stairs for the sugar rush you’ll shortly be experiencing!

We tried a bunch of stuff here and here’s what we recommend:

Mint Waffles

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To be honest, we had pretty high expectations from the famous green coloured waffles that everyone had been talking about and they were way beyond our imagination! The mouth watering Mint Waffles were topped with chocolate ganache, a delicious contrast. They were served alongside chocolate ice cream. The combo of ice cream and mint left us wanting more!

Price | Rs 140 (Single)

Imli Waffles

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If you’re willing to try something different with your dessert helpings, then you should definitely try their Imli Waffles. A perfect blend of sweet and sour, these unique waffles are topped with imli syrup. The waffles were fluffy and the imli defo doesn’t overpower the waffles. The bananas on the side balance out the sour imli flavour perfectly.\

Price | Rs 120 (Single)

Blueberry Waffles

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These Blueberry Waffles are topped with blueberries - obviously - with whipped cream slathered all over the top, and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. The waffles are freshly baked and act as the perfect dessert to your meal. Or is the dessert your meal? Hey, we’re not judging!

Price | Rs 130 (Single)

Waffle Sundae

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This Waffle Sundae is the sugar overload your body has been craving since forever. We tried their Regular Waffle Sundae (wouldn’t really call it ‘regular’ though). Served in a BEER MUG (yeah), this colourful sundae is made with layers of awesomeness. On the top there’s the waffle with whipped cream and sprinkles. You don’t have to feel guilty for devouring this heavy sundae because there are a lot of healthy fruit below the waffle. From grapes, pineapple, mango to cherries, nuts and apples - there’s everything you can possibly imagine!

Then there’s another layer of strawberry and chocolate ice creams. And that’s not all - the best part about their signature Waffle Sundae is their bottom-most layer- made of CAKE. We’re pretty sure you’re already drooling thinking about this ah-mazing sundae right about now.

Price | Rs. 280 (Regular) / Rs. Rs. 460 (Large)

We’re already planning our next trip to Just Waffling Around. So what are you guys waiting for? Head over there with your BFF or your date for your next binge eating sesh!

Location | Shop 23, Club Road Market, Punjabi Bagh