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Devour Crisp & Buttery Amritsari Kulche For Rs 100 At This Brekkie Joint In Prashant Vihar


A filling and sumptuous breakfast is the key to a great day ahead and we peeps firmly believe in this! And that is precisely why we keep hunting for new places to explore for our breakfast dates with bestie. And looks like we’ve been lucky as we just came across this awesome place in Prashant Vihar. Take a look!

Amritsari Kulche For Brekkie? | There’s this place called Breakfast Point in Prashant Vihar, Chander Nagar and Kirti Nagar that whips up yummy Amritsari Kulche that are ideal for the first meal of the day! And the best part? A full plate is priced only at Rs 100! Perfect.

So we’re rushing to this place right away to grab a yummy breakfast and we’d suggest you do the same! And oh, don’t forget to order some Namkeen Lassi to pair up with your Amritsari Kulche, okay?

Thank us later and head over to this place for a truly GOOD morning!

Where | Breakfast Point - Prashant Vihar, Chander Nagar & Kirti Nagar
Price | Rs 100
Timings | 9 AM - 5 PM
Call Them | +91 11 6465 8088
Check Out Their FB Page |