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Designed By Shantanu & Nikhil, Get Your Hands On This Limited Edition Pack Of Blenders Pride!



Are you someone whose celebrations and get-togethers are incomplete without sipping some good whisky, the smooth and premium kind where the exceptional taste manages to stay with you? Well, that's exactly what Blenders Pride has to offer - a blend of exquisite craftsmanship! 

And to top it all, we are ecstatic to hear that Blenders Pride has introduced a Limited-Edition Pack which is designed by illustrious designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil! This limited-edition pack echoes the impeccable craft of the designers, who, bring forth their signature styles, making a bold and unique style statement that spells out ‘My Craft, My Pride’.

 A Stylish Blend Of Craftsmanship | The unique collectable features a classic design that is a true representation of the times we live in. A reflection of class and sophistication, the limited-edition pack reflects the designer duo’s signature style of merging elements from Indian culture with western silhouettes. Modern, chic and elegant, the drapes used in the design make the designer duo’s craft come alive and create a style statement that is timeless. The rich golden liquid is perfectly wrapped in a drape of black and streaks of gold that intertwine to form a silhouette that is elegant and bold at the same time. A seamless blend of fine craftsmanship, it is an extraordinary rendition of Shantanu and Nikhil’s craft, their pride. Bringing together their precision and the bold, rich character of Blenders Pride on the same canvas, it is an exquisite blend of great craftsmanship.

Blenders Pride is a premium whisky from the house of Seagram, with over 160 years of unmatched heritage, craftsmanship & expertise.  It is an exquisite blend of fine aged scotch malts from Dalmunach, Scotland and Indian grain spirits. With a distinctive nose of malt, fruit and spice, it’s a fine blend with a delicate aroma. It truly is any Master Blender’s pride. This fine blend has been awarded globally for its supreme quality, bagging the Fifty Best Gold Award, Monde Selection Gold Award & London Spirits Competition award, all in one year (2020) and is winning hearts in India as well as select markets across the globe.

The Blenders Pride Limited Edition pack will be available in the market for a limited time, so go get your hands on this whisky and take a sip of craft in style!

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