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Design & Watch Your Candy Made Right In Front Of You At The New Foodhall In Chanakyapuri!



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You might be 6 or 60, but the one thing you can never grow too old for is munching on some yummy candy! And we’ve found the perfect place for y’all to grab these sugary delights - Foodhall! These guys have some really interesting candy waiting up for you there, read on! 

Candy Magic @ Foodhall | The new outlet of Foodhall in Chanakyapuri has a corner dedicated to candies, where you can design your own candy & lollipops *heart eyes*! You can choose the colours and flavours of your candy and then stand back and watch them make your candy right in front of you and trust us, it’s one fascinating sight! 

You can basically get anything from cutesy Minions to your own name written over your candy *NAICE*! 

So go ahead and grab these yummy lil pieces of delight, handmade especially for y’all!  

Where | Foodhall - The Chanakya Yashwant Place Commercial Complex, Chanakyapuri
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