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Desi Jugaad Has The Most Jugaadu (Obviously) Collection of Batli Stools, Crayon Table Lamps & More

So Delhi 19 July 2016


Dilli wallahs wear their jugaadu skills brazenly on their sleeve, and we've got to say that a true Delhiite would appreciate jugaad like nobody else. So stumbling upon the brand - Desi Jugaad, we thought this must go on your checklist for offbeat furniture hunting.

Jugaad at its best | From a playful crayon table lamp to upcycled message bottles, roped stools, metal stools, balti stools, photo frame ladders and what not, they've transformed old and battered knick knacks into pieces of art.

You can also design your space with their finds and re-design your old furniture pieces. Crafting whimsical furniture from products which otherwise would be disposed off, Desi Jugaad, true to its name is quite jugaadu!

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