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Desi Cheesecake, Orange Chocolate Pastry & More Yummies @ Shree Gangour Sweets



Life is too short to say no to sweets and accepting this fact, we went on an expedition to discover places offering scrumptious sweets which could cure the sweet-pangs we were facing since long. Taking help from Google Maps and the local paan wallahs, we finally found ourselves standing in front of this famed outlet going by the name of Shree Gangour Sweets.

Tucked in between big showrooms is this exquisite yet simple structure proudly bearing the name Shree Gangour. The place first opened its doors in 1993 and has been growing strong since then owing to purity and a sense of novelty in its offerings. We were welcomed by a small bakery room which possessed all the themed creations made of chocolates. A staircase on the right of the bakery led us to the area where all the sweets were showcased. We were amazed by the variants of sweets available for patrons and had already started drooling over them. 

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Apart from sweets, they also do beautiful hampers for all sorts of celebrations. The size of the hampers vary from small to enormous depending on the requirements. Another factor which made us fall in love with this sweet shop was the wide range of home-made and freshly baked biscuits and namkeens displayed on the other side of the floor. We loved how the gigantic floor area had been strategically used to accommodate all its customers without creating unwieldy chaos.

The sweet section was divided into two parts, with one dedicated to sweets and the other to pastries. Perplexed by the innumerable varieties, we settled for the following:

Badam Petals

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The first thing that got our attention was the colourful Badam (Almonds) Petals. These were basically barfis made out of crushed almonds and pure ghee. The pink and yellow colours were a result of food colouring that was added to the mixture before freezing the mixture and stirring it with expertise. 

Slivers were cut from the frozen mixture and moulded to form a flower-like structure which was outlined with silver foil, giving it an alluring look. The petals were malleable and had apt sugar content with the essence of ghee and almonds present in every bite. These were some petals we’d love to devour again!

Boondi Ke Laddoo

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The next item that lured us to try out was the Boondi Laddoo. Perfectly round with a glossy finish and garnished with almond shavings and pistachios had us gobbling the entire laddoo in one go! We were stunned at how the chef was able to maintain the sweetness quotient to perfection with ease. The boondi balls were cooked in pure ghee and submerged in sugar syrup before moulding them in the form of round balls. These were soft with every ball of tiny boondi having a taste of its own. Nom nom!

Mango Fantasy

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This was their seasonal item and hence became a must try for us. A small rasgulla made of cottage cheese and semolina dough in light syrup made of sugar was dipped in luscious mango puree, garnished with pistachio shavings and served in a kulhar. The essence of the dish is felt only when a scoop of rasgulla is taken with the puree. With medium sugar level and the essence of mango lingering on, this item is a must try!

Small Gulab Jamun

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Prepared by kneading milk solids into dough with a pinch of flour and then shaping the mixture into small balls before deep frying and soaking in a light sugary syrup flavoured with green cardamom, rose-water and saffron, we get these balls of heaven. The balls were squishy and evenly marinated in the sugar syrup which could be felt easily while munching. Missing out on these would actually be a sin!

Orange Chocolate Pastry

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As we moved our focus towards the pastries, we were attracted towards this fusion of orange and chocolate. Four layers of cake with a frosting of dark chocolate in between was covered with chocolate ganache with orange essence and garnished with orange cream before being serving to us. The cake layers were moist and pliant with the ganache having a moderate sugar content. The overall taste was an amazing combo of sweetness of ganache and the bitterness of dark chocolate. Regular pastries can be given a miss for this merger for sure!

Desi Cheesecake

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We were startled just by reading the description of this item. Sitting silently in the showcase, this concept of integrating the pastry with mithai was mind blowing. On a base made of biscuit crunch we had sweets made of milk solids and enveloped by a covering made with cottage cheese and was finally garnished with saffron. Though the item was a tad higher on its sweetness level but the alliance of cottage cheese with sugar treat along with the crunchiness of biscuits did leave a lasting impact. Try having a scoop of all three together and thank us later!

Golden Tower

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Our sugar cravings were utterly satiated when we came across this item and suddenly we found ourselves moving towards it. A tiny structure of Eiffel Tower made of dark chocolate was what we ate. The entire structure was made of dark chocolate with appropriate portions of sweetness delighting in every bite! The bitterness of dark chocolate kicked in the moment we bit in, with the sweetness of sugar lingering on and staying for a long time. In one word - yummy!

All we can say is be ready to hit the gym after paying this outlet a visit as once you’re inside, you are bound to be mesmerized by the aroma and the ambience of the place and would end up devouring almost everything. The place is spacious enough to regale all genres of customers with almost endless varieties of sugar treats for everyone. Happy binging!

Meal For Two | Rs 800
Location | E 370, Nirman Vihar, Opposite V3S Mall, Vikas Marg