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Delicious, Juicy Doners & Hot Waffles - Doner Grill Has Arrived in Punjabi Bagh

So Delhi 12 Apr 2018


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West Delhi, if you're bored of all the run-of-the-mill fast food joints, then look up - German style Doners have arrived in Punjabi Bagh! 

Why We Love 'Em | Offering sumptuous grills, slurpy shakes and sinful waffles, we love the entire package they've got on offer. FYI - do not forget to ask for their numerous saucy dips!

Having expanded over and floored all of South Delhi, Doner Grill is here to win you guys over - gobble away on their amazing range of foodie treats!

They've Come Up Here | 40, North West Avenue Club Road, Punjabi Bagh