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Delhizens, We're Likely Getting Our Very 1st Microbrewery By Mid-June & This Is Brilliant!



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If you’re a beer lover but your palate is too refined for that mass-produced generic stuff, then it must bother you to have to travel all the way to Gurugram just to enjoy a mug of freshly brewed craft beer. Well, we’ve got some frothy good news for y’all!

Hold Onto Your Mugs | Senior excise officials have admitted that they are in the process of evaluating the application of a prominent resto-bar in Delhi for permission to install a microbrewery on their premises. After a survey of the premises of the said resto-bar, a license for a microbrewery plant is likely to be issued, which is superb news!

After a delay of about four years, the Delhi Government and the Delhi Development Authority have revised the rules and removed ‘Microbreweries’ from the list of ‘prohibited’ industries.

We fully expect microbreweries to become the next big trend in the capital city and we couldn’t be more delighted!

Sourced Via The Times Of India