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Delhizens, We Might Have To Shell Out More Money For Foreign Liquor From 1st August!

Delhi Insider 30 July 2018


Booz-o-holics, if your parties are incomplete without getting happy high on Smirnoff, Imperial Blue or other foreign liquor brands, then we have some bad news for you. Read on as we tell you what’s been up! 

Foreign Booze May Get More Pricey | Here comes the sad news - we might now have to shell out more money for foreign liquor as the Excise Department has brought about some changes to the licence fee rules in the new excise policy that’ll come into effect from the 1st of August. The idea behind the hike is to increase revenue. 

Earlier, in order to import foreign liquor, an importer had to pay Rs 7 Lakhs as annual licence fee after which he or she could sell an unlimited number of foreign brands. But now, for the same price, the importer can only sell upto 10 brands of foreign liquor. For any additional brand, the feel shall be Rs 50,000 per brand! OMG! 

It’s the restro bars that’ll have to bear the brunt of this rise in licence fees, which in turn will hike prices for foreign liquor for us consumers, and we’d have to end up shelling more money. Damn!

Well then, Delhizens, we’d suggest you better gear up to pay more for your fave foreign liquor brands! 

Sourced Via The Times Of India