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Delhizens, We Can Only Burn 'Green' Crackers This Diwali For Two Hours!



With Diwali approaching fast, the primary concern haunting every Dilli walla is the alarming levels of pollution that’ll result from the use of crackers. Urgh, a real problem it is! However, the Supreme Court’s latest verdict might change this situation for the better. So read on as we tell you what the verdict is all about. 

ONLY Green Crackers Allowed | In its latest ruling, the Supreme Court didn’t impose a nationwide blanket ban on the sale of crackers, but it said that only ‘green’ crackers, which cause less air pollution, shall be permitted. In addition, the court has banned the online purchase of firecrackers.

Also, the Supreme Court has placed time restrictions on burning firecrackers in the city. So you guys can burn crackers between 8 to 10 PM only on Diwali. On Christmas and New Year, the permitted timings for burning crackers is from 11:45 PM to 12:15 AM. 

Well, we really hope this latest verdict by the Supreme Court brings about some improvement in Delhi’s air quality. We’d advise all of you to give up burning crackers just like we’re gonna do. Have a happy and safe Diwali!

Sourced Via India News