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Delhi's Restaurants Are Pitching in to Help Ease The Monetary Sting of Odd-Even - Read On



Is the inconvenience of Odd-Even holding you back from eating out? A few of Delhi's restaurants have come up with an awesome solution that'll let you dine sans fretting about the car rationing system.

For instance, the owner of OMG Cafe and Junkyard Cafe, Umang Tewari has said that the Odd-Even rule has affected their business and so if people turn up via cabs, their fare will be reimbursed up to 100% upon showing the bill! That's just too good to be true right?

Other restaurants like Cafe Hawkers is offering a 50% rebate on cab fares if your bill crosses Rs 2,000. If that wasn't enough, even HotMess in CP and The Groghead in Green Park are offering a 15% discount on those hailing a cab to drop by!

So don't put off your plans, just hire a cab and have a gala time people!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times