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Delhi's Real Stories | Have You Spotted the “No Honking Man of India” on the Roads of Delhi?

So Delhi 18 Jan 2016


With the recent attention towards the increased air pollution levels, the consequences of noise pollution often takes a backseat but here’s one man in Delhi making a real difference! 

Meet Ravi Kalra, the founder of The Earth Saviours Foundation who started out on a ‘No Honking’ mission back in 2008 and has never looked back since! Having spent many years of his savings by running awareness campaigns, doing rounds of government and police offices for years and even getting volunteers to paint over ‘Horn Please’ behind trucks, his work is nothing less of being heroic! 

What’s the result? Well fines, for one, are being imposed by the Delhi police on drivers who honk unnecessarily, and so is the introduction of low decibel horns in some bus lines besides the declaration of 1st Jan as ‘No Honking Day’ in India!

Here’s our shout out to the 'No Honking Man of India', we need more people like him! You can find details on his NGO here -

Source | The Better India