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Delhi's Metro Stations Will Get E-Vehicle Charging Points So That Y'all Can Zoom Around Easily


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In a recent meeting to review the implementation of Multi-Modal Integration (MMI) plans on DMRC stations, there were talks about installing multiple e-vehicle charging points that’ll facilitate the use of e-bikes for last-mile connectivity.

Ride Befikar | DMRC plans to install electric vehicle charging points on every metro station so that people can avail the facility of e-bikes and not worry about the batteries running out. In collaboration with Bengaluru based start-up called Yulu, DMRC has recently started offering electric bikes at nine metro stations along the Yellow and Blue metro lines to encourage e-vehicle for the last-mile connectivity. 

So far, Yulu has deployed 250 electric bikes which have a speed of 25 kph and a range of 60 km on a single charge. This facility will further be extended to more metro stations and we’re applauding this initiative.

Will you be taking the greener route?

Sourced Via News 18