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Delhi's Likely To See A Terrible Heat Wave With The Temp. Crossing 45 Degrees On 30th May



Listen up, Delhiites! The sweltering weather in the capital city is about to get a LOT worse so we all need to gear up to battle Dilli’s chubhti jalti garmi!

Heat Wave Alert! | We just heard some less-than-thrilling news that the temperature in Delhi is likely to soar in the coming days. The mercury is going to skyrocket and is expected to cross the burning 45-degree mark on 30th May (woah!). The Indian Met Department has said that after the light shower relief that we received last week, the city will soon be blanketed by a heat wave from the 29th of May (Wednesday) to the 2nd of June (Sunday).

But Delhi’s not alone - the temperature will also rise in the neighbouring states of Punjab, parts of Rajasthan, West UP and Haryana! Plus, both day and night temperatures in Delhi and adjoining areas of Noida, Faridabad, and Gurugram are slated to rise. The city has already experienced greater-than-usual hot weather with the temp. crossing the 41-degree mark on Monday and now the weather on Tuesday is also said to be on the path of an upward trend and is likely to reach the 43-degree mark.

Looks like it’s time to think up ways to keep cool (keep your mango pannas at the ready) and hope this heat wave passes soon!

Sourced Via India Today