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Delhi's LGBTQ Community Gets First Ever Community Centre That'll Offer A Safe Space


Delhi’s queer community is finally stepping out of the shell and opening up to the public with a one of a kind community centre for the LGBTQ community built by The Humsafar Trust! It’s one of the oldest gay men’s and LGBTQ rights organizations in India which has finally decided to set up a centre. 

The organization is primarily based out of Mumbai and founded by Ashok Row Kavi, one of the first people in Delhi to have declared his sexual orientation in an era when people did not accept such new and unusual things. There are a bunch of organizations working with the idea of men having sex with men, but their main focus is usually on the spreading of HIV, and no one really talks about mental illness. Thus, The Humsafar Trust is taking a major step forward and this centre is going to be all about discussions on mental health and about the major burden that it is to be accepted in society. 

If you have problems in fitting in society, if you’re being bullied because of your sexual orientation, HIV would be the last thing that would come to your mind. Hence, Humsafar Trust is going to fill up this gap and help people communicate with their round of counselling sessions on various mental health issues. 

Their main focus is to make everyone feel comfortable in their skin and have rigid people change their narrow-minded approach. Here’s a great foundation to help you out, Humsafar Trust! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times