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Delhi's 'IT' Party Hub Hauz Khas Village Might Get Shut Down Completely Soon Y'All!



Picture Credits: HippieWalks

Guys, we have some bad news for y’all. Hauz Khas Village, the ‘IT’ party place in town might soon get shut down post 5th September! DAMN! 

“You cannot wait for a fire to break out (at Hauz Khas Village) and then say right to life is threatened.” is what the Delhi High Court said to South Delhi Municipal Corporation. A site plan by SDMC needs to provide for the “width of the street, location of the restaurants as well as positioning of the exits of the restaurants, besides a comparative list of permissible and actual number of used properties.” This will further decide the fate of HKV. 

Since it’s like a domino effect here, if one place catches on fire, the rest will fall with it, and so the fire risk here is exponential! 

The inspection will end by the 5th of September and the consequent decision will then decide what the future holds for HKV. 

Whatever happens, we sure hope for the best! 

Sourced Via Indian Express