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Delhi's Iconic Basant Lok Market May Soon Get Fountains, Amphitheatre & More By March 2019

Delhi Insider 28 Sept 2018


Hello there! Remember Basant Lok Market? Well, it’s an iconic market that has seen one of Delhi’s first Hollywood movie theatres and our first ever McDonald’s! Yes, you heard us. Read on, as we have some news surrounding this market.

The All-New Basant Lok Market! | One of Delhi’s fave hangout spots in the good ol’ days, this place had it all - from movie theatres to bookshops to trendy stores. Popularly known as Priya’s, this place has now lost much of its glory thanks to lack of maintenance and all these glamorous malls and multiplexes cropping up everywhere in the city. Legend has it that this market, which was constructed way back in the 1970s, was the first place to serve vodka golgappas!

But there’s always a silver lining! By March 2019, this market might be completely revamped to include an open amphitheatre, green spaces, pretty lighting, corridors with granite flooring, parking lots and more! So basically, it won’t be long before the glory of this market is restored! Yayy!

Work has already started in the Basant Lok Market and currently, rainwater harvesting pits are being constructed there in order to avoid water logging. In the next phase, the authority in charge is planning to construct differently-abled friendly pavements, fountains and even a sewage treatment plant.

We’re very excited to see the revamped version of this popular market and can’t wait to swing by!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times