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Delhi's Gonna Get 225 New Buses That'll Help Get 5,000-6,000 Cars Off The Roads



The capital city is overpopulated no doubt, due to which the traffic on the roads is unbearable at times. Hence, to ease the volume of cars on the road, Delhi is going to get 225 new buses under the cluster (orange) category by March! 

This move will help get easily 5,000-6,000 cars off the streets in return for 225 additional buses! The buses will be able to seat a good number of 42 people, unlike the usual DTC buses that can currently only house 35 people. They will be GPS-enabled, and fares shall be charged through electronic ticketing machines - cool!

The move is aimed as a step towards rationalizing bus routes in Delhi and decreasing the headway or waiting time for buses. The addition to the current fleet is significant, as DTC has repeatedly failed to procure new buses over the past few years. The government now plans to introduce different bus sizes to cater to different routes as well.

Delhiites, it’s time to make good use of public transport now! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times