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Delhi's First Smog Tower Has Been Set Up In Lajpat Nagar & It Can Remove 80% Of The Pollutants



Delhi’s pollution levels have been in the “severe” category again and to combat the rising degree of the same, this market in South Delhi has come up with a unique solution which y’all must know about.

Say Goodbye To Toxic Air | Say Goodbye To Toxic Air | Delhi’s first smog tower was supposed to start working from Friday, 3rd January, 2020. Set up in Lajpat Nagar Market, the 20-feet tower has exhaust fans that’ll suck in the pollutants and can remove up to 80% of the particulate matter (PM 2.5 and PM 10). In November, 2019, the Supreme Court had asked the Centre and Delhi Government to come with a  road map to install these smog towers.

Taking a cue from China, these smog towers were to be installed to curb the ever-rising pollution levels. According to the Lajpat Nagar Traders’ Association, the tower has been installed in an open area, above a covered drain and it’ll purify the air within a circumference area of up to 750 metres and the purifier may treat 250,000 to 600,000 cubic metres of air per day. Post-trial, more such towers will come up across the city.

The Traders’ Association will bear the running cost of the tower and further analysis of the air will prove its efficiency. Let’s hope that this small initiative goes a long way and helps in making the toxic air cleaner.

Sourced Via Hindustan Times