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Delhi's First Inflatable, Rain & Fire Proof Cinema On Wheels With 200 Seats Is Coming To Janpath!


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Delhizens, you better gear up for a completely unique cinematic experience as our CM is all set to inaugurate a ‘cinema on wheels’ today at Janpath. *Whaaa!* 

Inflated Cinema On Wheels | Called ‘Moving Cinema’, it will have a projector, about 200 seats, and will be air-conditioner - all in a portable form. So basically, once the movie’s over, the entire contraption will be packed up and bundled into a truck! Isn’t that just super cool?!

The concept was presented by famous actor and filmmaker Satish Kaushik and engineer Sushil Chaudhary. This cool idea facilitates screening movies in 2 tier and 3 tier cities. All these guys need is a 100 ft by 100 ft space and 2 hours for setup and then voila! Welcome to a different world altogether! 

Delhi is the first city to have received this really creative setup, which will later expand to other areas of the country as well. Once inaugurated, you peeps can catch the screening of the film A Billion Colour Story, and what’s more, the entire setup is completely water and fireproof. Also, ticket prices will be kept low so that it can be made affordable to everyone. 

Moreover, Moving Cinema will not only screen movies, but will also be used for educational and governmental purposes, or when leaders have to give speeches to the entire nation. You can be in Mumbai and listen to a speech happening in Delhi using this portable cinema setup.

We applaud the creativity behind this idea and just CAN’T wait to be one of the spectators at this inflatable and portable cinema theatre. *Yayy!*

Sourced Via Hindustan Times