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Delhi's First Ever Automated Driving Test Centre Is Now Up & Running HERE!



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If you’re planning to get a driver’s license, then you’ll be interested in this piece of news - keep reading for everything you need to know!

An Automated Driver’s Test Centre | Delhi’s first ever Automated Driving Test Centre (ADTC) was recently inaugurated by Minister of Transport Kailash Gahlot at the regional office of Mayur Vihar Phase I and this is awesome news, people! Plus, three more centres at Vishwas Nagar, Sarai Kale Khan and Shakur Basti are also now operational.

Did you know that these scientifically designed tracks include one for reverse testing skill, parallel parking, overtaking skills and more such technical driving know-how tests? Yep! The aim of introducing such centres is to increase efficiency in the issuance of driving licenses and reducing human intervention - nice!

Awesome move, Delhi Government!

Sourced Via The Economic Times