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Delhi's 43-Yr. Old Ring Rail Network Is Being Revived Via Metro To Reduce No. Of Cars By 50%



Delhiites, listen up! The rail ministry has decided to set the wheels in motion to give life to Delhi’s 43 year old Ring Rail system with the help of the metro! This is being done to give the suburban networks of the city full connectivity. Nice! 

Reducing Traffic On The Roads | The reviving of this Ring Railway along with the integration of the metro ensure public transport manages to reach niche and smaller areas that’ll hopefully  reduce the number of cars on the roads by 50%! 

Not only this, in order to reduce the crazy traffic snarls in Delhi, there will also be a bypass that will be created for the trains that do not need to enter the city proper, so that they pass by without adding to the traffic.

Delhi has 35 kms of Ring Rail network that criss-crosses the 231 kms metro network at several locations. But due to lack of planning, the link between the metro and rail systems has not been established. A suburban rail network is really important for the city firstly because the average speed of the same is much faster than that of the metro system. Second, it can handily reach suburban areas that even the metro doesn’t cover. 

Hoping this gets launched soon!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times