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Delhiites, IGI Airport Is All Set To Go Plastic-Free By 2019 & This Is Awesome News



Guys, guess what? Or dear IGI Airport is planning to become more environment-friendly, which is why it’s planning to say no to plastic use! Read on for more!

Say No To Plastic! | So by 2019, one of the country’s busiest airports will be plastic-free! The airport is not going to use plastic for grocery bags, food packaging, bottles, straws, containers, cups and more, and that’s great news!

The airport has also taken a host of measures to eliminate single-use plastic, like spreading awareness, making the waste management systems better and promoting the use of eco-friendly sustainable alternatives. Single-use plastics are basically disposable plastics that are used for packaging.

So you’ll soon find environment-friendly bags when you shop there! We’re really happy that our beloved airport is working towards the protection of the environment, and is, in turn, setting a great example for us. Kudos, guys!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times