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Delhi Will Soon See Child Care Rooms In All Offices And We Applaud This Conscientious Step



How many offices in the city have an area devoted to child care in the city? Not many, right? Well, this is about to change with these new modifications to the design bylaws of a building by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA).

Designing New Age | On Wednesday, the 11th of December, the DDA put out the modified building bylaws which made every office in the city, whether it’s private or government, mandatory to have a child care room. Plus, they also made it compulsory for all these new buildings to have a charging point for electric vehicles. 

Until now, child care rooms were never seen as a necessity in the buildings but the introduction of such facilities will make it a lot easier for people. The land-owning agency has approved the proposal to include these provisions. The facilities are being introduced with reference to the current occupancy pattern. Did you know that this agency has also made changes in the rule to allow stockists and wholesalers of medicines in operating in the residential area?

Does it sound like a move in the right direction to you?

Sourced Via Indianexpress