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Delhi Will Soon Have 5 Happiness Areas Swathed In Greenery, Fountains & More To Relax And Unwind


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Wanna bask in the warm, glorious winter sun, sipping orange juice and sharing home-cooked sandwiches with your bae? If so, then well, we’ve got great news for y’all! Read on to find out all the deets.

Relax At The Happiness Areas | We all are aware that our beloved city of Delhi is choking on pollution. The dearth of open spaces is a major problem and poses a hindrance in our enjoyment and relaxation. Owing to all these matters, the NDMC has taken this ingenious initiative under its Small City Plan to infuse new life to our ailing city by improving the landscape and building remarkable environment-friendly places.

Fetching green spaces with beautiful flowers, trellis, pergola and lily ponds, walking tracks, vertical garden & fountains have been developed across these 5 happiness sites which are Kautilya Park, Yashwant Place, Nyaya Marg, Jalebi Block near North Block and Windsor Place. And to monitor the Air Quality Index (AQI) of our beloved city, environment sensors at 18 poles have been installed. This will help us Delhiites to keep track of pollutants in our immediate environment so that necessary steps can be taken to curb it whenever there is some fluctuation.

So now, you guys can spend time with your college mates, gossip with your bestie, read your fave book underneath the shade of a majestic Ashoka tree or simply lie around on a warm lazy Sunday afternoon. What a wonderful time to be alive, right?!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times