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Delhi To Set Up A COVID-19 Care Facility Which Is Said To Be The Size Of 22 Football Fields!

Delhi Insider 21 June 2020


Recently, it was announced by the Delhi Government that the city will need an immediate addition of 20,000 beds keeping in mind the sharp increase in the number of Coronavirus cases. And to expand the capacity, this spiritual centre in South Delhi is being converted into what’s touted to be the world’s largest temporary COVID-19 care facility. 

The Largest COVID-19 Facility In Town | Radha Saomi Spiritual Centre is being converted into a COVID-19 facility with 10,000 beds. The beds over here will be made using corrugated cardboard which doesn’t require sanitization and is recyclable. Located in Chhattarpur, this area spans over a massive 12,50,000 square feet, which is equivalent to 22 football fields. The facility already has CCTV cameras and pre-installed fans, which will help this place function like 20 mini hospitals. 

Each 500-bed mini-hospital will have 5-10 enclosures of 50-100 beds. Did you know 400 doctors will work in two shifts over here? Yes, the work for this mammoth project is underway and they plan to complete it by the 30th of June. However, the facility won’t have ventilators. 

With everyone doing their bit to fight this pandemic, let’s try to be more careful when we step out today and be socially responsible citizens and abide by the rules.

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