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Delhi Will Soon Get One Of The Biggest Man-Made Parks IN THE WORLD, People!



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Delhizens, what if we were to tell you that you guys can soon go on a jungle safari in the city? Won’t that be super duper cool?! Keep reading, fellow Delhiites, as we’ve got awesome news waiting for you!

A Park Bigger Than NY’s Central Park? Wow! | The Badarpur Thermal Power Station, which has been notorious for being the city’s biggest source of pollution, is all set to be converted into a gorgeous ecological park that will offer us the chance to go on a jungle safari! Woah! Isn’t that pretty awesome?

Spread over approximately 885 acres, it’s gonna be one of the biggest man-made parks in the city and we’re very excited to check it out once it’s up and running. Reportedly, this one’s gonna be even bigger than New York’s famous Central Park! Woohoo! And you know what? This park will be built on the ash and waste material released by the power plant.

Before it shut down, this power plant used to generate 3,500 tonnes of fly ash (basically particulate matter) every month and that’s scary AF! But now, thankfully, a lush green park is gonna replace the plant and hopefully improve the air quality in the city. This park will also have water reservoirs or lakes in addition to a sprawling green cover. Yoga centres, tracks for jogging and cycling and more will also come up soon.

This piece of news has honestly got us very excited and we can’t wait for the construction of the park to finish soon! Not only will it add another feather to Delhi’s cap, but will also help the city breathe fresher and cleaner air. Yayy!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times