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Delhi University Plans To Reach Out To The Trans Community Ahead Of The New Session



Hola Delhiites! We just heard about this awesome piece of news regarding the Delhi University that you’d definitely be interested in - keep reading!

DU To Reach Out To Trans Applicants | Ever since DU introduced the third category back in 2015, it hasn’t seen any enrollment under the same. Most of the applicants who apply under this category prefer distance learning AKA the School of Open Learning (SOL). Hence, to make sure that trans people are properly represented on campus, the DU Transgender Resource Centre has decided to reach out to the community ahead of the commencement of the new session of 2019 by going to trans neighbourhoods and organising camps.

Did you know that last year DU received 101 applications under this category, which is the highest ever seen? Yep. At present, DU doesn’t allow trans women admission in women’s colleges but only co-ed ones and most of the students prefer SOL over regular classes citing humiliation at the hands of their peers. In a bid to aid the trans community, the Delhi High Court has directed the CBSE and DU to work together and allow trans students to change their names and gender in educational records, a move which otherwise requires a change in the school records before it can be modified elsewhere. Awesome!    

Sounds like a step in the right direction indeed!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times