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Delhi Traffic Police Goes All-Out To Ensure Pizza Delivery Boys Practice Safe Driving

So Delhi 30 Jan 2017


There’s been this whole campaign about pizza delivery that claims if your pizza doesn’t get delivered within an hour of placing the order, the order is for free - yeah, you’ve heard of this. Now because of this, the delivery boys would break traffic rules to reach on time, and hence safety lessons were organized for the same! 

Road accidents related to food deliveries have caught the police's attention, so when Delhi Traffic Police organised the Road Safety Week earlier this month, they ensured that delivery boys were part of the awareness programme. On asking if they follow traffic rules, one of the delivery boys said that it’s really difficult to do so when you have limited time to deliver the product. 

The rally was organised at India Gate and the police even distributed free helmets to the riders present there. The participants were all taught the importance of following road safety rules, which was the sore need of the hour! 

Lets hope for lesser accidents now, Delhi! 

Sourced Via Times Of India