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Delhi To Get Its Own 'Next Gen' Board & Here’s What It Means For CBSE

Delhi Insider 13 Sept 2019


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Delhi’s education system is about to get an overhaul and we might have a brand new ‘next-generation’ board that’ll help you with entrance exams as well. Here’s what this will mean for CBSE affiliated schools and the students under the board.

It’s Never Too Late To Learn Something | Delhi might now be all set to have a board of its own which is supposedly going to be a ‘next generation’ board. However, this does not mean that CBSE will be replaced. This new board is going to focus on preparing students for their entrance exams like JEE and NEET along with teaching them other subjects for which they earlier used to go to coaching centres. 

Plus, there would also be a grading system according to which they’d be marked depending on what they want to pursue. Like, if you want to pursue journalism, then scoring an A in language and a C in Science would be acceptable.

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Sourced Via The Economics Times