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Delhi To Beat Pollution: Air Monitors To Be Installed In The City



While the festival of Diwali may be glorious, its aftermath surely isn’t. The days following the festival are marked by a smog in the air, smoky darkness covering clouds and a monumental increase in pollution-related health cases. The Environment and Forest Department of Delhi might finally have a solution to this situation through the installation of air quality monitoring systems.

These systems will scan the air for particulate matter in real-time and give information about the quality of the air. 20 of these systems are to be installed in the city by October, that is, right in time for Diwali. 

The information obtained through them will allow meteorologists to observe, note and estimate the future air quality. This, in turn, will allow the department to make informed decisions to prevent a smoke disaster like previous years.

This could be an imperative step towards a cleaner environment in the city. However, as citizens, it is our responsibility too, to  take up the task of making our surroundings healthier by  better waste management and preventive measures. 

After all, a healthier Delhi equals to healthier Delhiites!