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Delhi To Be First Indian City With 'End Of Vehicle Life' Policy By Impounding 15+ Yrs Old Vehicles



Listen up Delhiites here’s a shocker for ya! According to an all new Delhi Government rule, all vehicles that are more than 15 years old will be impounded and sent to scrap dealers for dismantling soon, ‘cause Delhi wants to be the first Indian city with an ‘end of vehicle life’ policy! 

Here’s What’s Happening | This rule is likely to be notified by the end of the year and post this, the impounding shall begin. Delhi has over 1 crore vehicles registered, out of which about 37 lakh are older than 15 years and soon, all of these will be found in the dumpster! DAMN! 

Once impounded, the owner shall be sent a scrappy amount for his car which hasn't been decided as of now. 

There is currently no law at present to guide the police or government as to what is to be done with the vehicles after impoundment. Proper disposal shall be looked into for these old vehicles, and the rules allow owners to voluntarily give away old cars and two-wheelers to empanelled dealers against an assured amount. 

If the vehicle owner does not come forward, the impounded vehicle shall be scrapped through an authorised scrap dealer and the value will then be credited to the government account *damn*! 

Let’s see how this is implemented!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times