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Delhi Residents To Get 2 Fixed Parking Slots Per Floor By Dec 2019 & Can Book Space Via An App

Delhi Insider 15 June 2018


Nothing’s more frustrating in the capital than seeing residential roads clogged with cars on either side! Not only does it slow us down, but it’s also annoying how we have to carefully navigate through the road, trying not to hit any of them. Urgh! But now, we can finally heave a sigh of relief, as a joint team of municipal corporation officials and Residents Welfare Associations have started a pilot project in order to decongest residential roads. Phew! Read on to find out how this affects you. 

Fixed Parking Lots Per Floor | The municipal corporation team is gonna begin with Lajpat Nagar and Kailash Colony and as part of the project, residents will be alloted specific parking spots and stickers. These guys have already begun planning spots by counting the number of cars in Lajpat Nagar III and a section of Lajpat Nagar II. 

So as per the project, each floor of every house in said colonies will be alloted two parking spots apiece. If the residents don’t park their cars in the designated spots, their cars will be towed away. And in case you own more than two cars, you have to pay for an extra slot or make your own arrangements for parking your extra car. 

Also, the officials clarified that the parking slots may not lie close to the resident’s house. The parking sticker, which will be given to the residents, will have all the slot details. These guys will also launch will a mobile app through which people will be able to book their parking slots. Stay glued to this space for more deets about the app!

And if you’re expecting guests at your house, you’ll either have to tell them not to get their cars along, or pay for parking at the slots. We can expect to see more such parking lots emerging in places like GK M Block, Malviya Nagar main market, Safdarjung Development Area market, Adchini Village, Hauz Khas apartments and more. 

These parking lots, which will be operational by December 2019, will have a capacity of 3,700 cars. With the number of vehicles in Delhi escalating at an alarming rate, we feel that this move by the municipal corporation is much needed!

Sourced Via Business Today