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Delhi Police Is Now Telling Us That Banning Ladies' Nights In HKV Will Solve All Safety Issues!

Editors 11 July 2017


Picture Credits: HippieWalks

In the wake of the horrific women-related incidents that have recently been taking place in the city, especially in the party hub Hauz Khas Village where men tried to abduct a woman in the recent past, our very own Delhi Police has decided to ban ladies night altogether in HKV! 

The police feels that free drinks for ladies is what disturbs the law and order of the city (no, seriously!) and thus banning ladies nights, according to these protectors of the city, will probably solve all forms of crime that take place over there! The decision might bring about an end to the night-party culture in Hauz Khas. They’ve decided to ban ladies nights in HKV specifically till Independence Day! We’re literally rolling our eyes RN. 

Very soon the police will now take it upon themselves to decide which pubs will be allowed to host these nights all over the city now. We don’t know what to say to Delhi Police for these incredibly repressive and archaic notions, but this clearly points out and throws light on their incapability to protect the women of the city and nothing else! 

Instead of banning such nights, it would be slightly better if they’d teach people how to behave, why take away the privilege of women to have fun?

Sourced Via India Today