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Delhi Police Has Rolled Out A 40-Bikes Coronavirus Patrol Squad To Increase Awareness Levels


There have been a number of people who have been breaking rules and stepping out during the lockdown and thereby defeating the entire purpose of social distancing. To combat this lax attitude of the people Delhi Police is stepping up with their measures by doing this. 

Making People Aware And How! | Delhi Police has launched a COVID Patrol squad that will make people aware of Coronavirus, its prevention and ensure that the lockdown measures are properly ensured in the city. The patrol squad has 40 motorcycles and will initially be confined to the South Delhi area. Police personnel will be seen riding yellow coloured bikes that will have COVID -19 written in bright red colours. 

They will then visit several areas and make people aware of this situation and the need to stay indoors. The team members will reach the areas which are otherwise difficult for the bigger police vehicles to reach. The main aim of this squad is to make the people aware of the laws pertaining to the disease and how to contain its spread. 

Sounds like an innovative way to make people aware, right?!

Sourced Via The Times Of India