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Delhi Police Just Launched Their First Ever Mobile Control Room & This Is Awesome!



Disclaimer: Bearing in mind the current restrictions in the city and the world at large, we're tweaking our content policy and recommendations to focus more on staying indoors and exploring the digital world and all its wondrous offerings! Stay positive, keep hygiene levels up and don't fall prey to panic and misinformation.

Delhi Police is devoted to making Delhi safer and here’s a brand new development that proves just this - keep reading to know more!

Delhi Police Unveils 1st Mobile Control Room | These guys are bent on improving security in Delhi and have hence unveiled the first mobile control room on Tuesday, the 19th of March, which will come in handy during public events in the city. Did we mention that these vans come equipped with the latest technology including CCTV surveillance, a conference room and an integrated communication system? Yep!    

Plus, the mobile control room can be sent to any location, ensuring smooth communication. The CNG run bus was inaugurated by Delhi Police Chief Amulya Patnaik in Shalimar Bagh and we couldn’t have been happier with this new move!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times