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Delhi Police Goes Green: 65 Bicycles To Be Used For Patrolling Parks & Streets

So Delhi 2 June 2017


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With everyone trying to play their own little part in being eco friendly, our cops are doing so as well. They’re now soon gonna be riding astride bicycles to patrol parks and narrow lanes from now on! Nice! 

Focusing on preventing crimes in public parks, Delhi Police recently flagged off 65 bicycles to be used by constables for patrolling the Eastern parts of the city. In the recent past, a couple of crimes have been stopped/detected in the parks in East Delhi, thus via the act of getting these cycles, it’ll be easier and more feasible for beat policemen to keep an eye on each and every nook and cranny of these parks!

The main aim here is to make sure that the safety of the large number of women and senior citizens that visit these parks frequently is taken care of! 

Good going Delhi Police! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times