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Delhi Police Gets GPS & Live-Stream Cameras In Their Patrolling & Emergency Response Vehicles!

Delhi Insider 20 June 2019


The word on the block is that the Delhi Police is about to get more hi-tech when keeping an eye on their patrol vehicles, which is a totally awesome move!

More Transparency FTW! | The Delhi Police is aiming to keep us safe and how! They’re installing GPS devices in all patrolling vehicles and live-stream cameras in 4-wheelers often used as Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) & Quick Response Team (QRT) vehicles, to increase the efficiency and to keep a better eye on the police staff. The Deputy Commissioners of all the 15 districts are undertaking this move to monitor movements via the sound-enabled cameras.

They have initiated the project by installing a dashboard camera in an ERV and GPS devices in all patrolling vehicles in East Delhi. Plus, they’re customizing the software district-wise! For instance, it will keep records of the total distance of patrols taken by the vehicle and if it’s less than 50 kms, then a notification would be sent to the software user.

Did you know that these GPS-enabled vehicles are geofenced (operating in a virtual geographic boundary around an area by means of GPS) as per the limits of the police station that has stationed them? This move will not just strengthen the control room response but will also help in better communication, which was earlier entirely dependent on walkie-talkies.

Do you think this move will make saadi Dilli safer? Tell us what you think!

Sourced Via The Hindu