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Delhi Now Has A Single Helpline Number 112 Which'll Come In Handy During Emergencies

Delhi Insider 29 Sept 2019


Delhi now has its very own helpline number and this single number will come in handy in case of all your emergencies. A Major over-haul will be done to the Police Control Room and we’re here to tell you all about this development.

Delhi’s Own 911 | Delhi Police has recently launched a new single emergency helpline number which is 112 for the ease of Delhiites in lieu of 101, 100 and 102. Besides, this new system is expected to improve the Delhi Police Control Room which had been using a 50-year-old obsolete technology. ‘Dial 112’ will not only save the time of the fellow citizens but also save the government a lot of money and might do our environment some good with its paperless headquarters. 

The Delhi Police Control Room will be converted to a call centre like facility and PCR vans will be equipped with phones, so that officers can attend to emergency calls right away. Via this system, the security might also improve as the call will immediately get connected to the police post as opposed to the earlier times when it used to take a little longer to transfer the calls. Plus, the number of employees has been increased and they have been shifted to a new office which is located in Shalimar Bagh. 

Add this number to your contacts list and keep it handy in case of emergencies.

Sourced Via The Times Of India