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Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Ride Will Now Take Only 12 Rather Than 17 Hours - Here's Why

So Delhi 21 June 2017


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Rajdhani rides might soon become 30% faster than usual by the end of the month! WOAH! 

This extra speed picked up by the train will lead to the travel time between Delhi - Mumbai and Delhi - Howrah to fall down from 17 to 12 hours! AWESOME!!

The plan would make each line the fastest in India, running at top speeds of 200 kms/hr. The Gatimaan, which runs from Delhi to Agra, is currently number one with a maximum speed of 160 kms/h. Cool!

According to officials, the premier Rajdhani trains currently average around 75 kms/h which is a lot slower than what The Gatimaan is running at! Though the implementation of the same will easily take a year, ultimately, the government hopes to run faster trains throughout the ‘Golden Quadrilateral’, which also includes the Delhi-Chennai and Mumbai-Kolkata lines. 

Sounds awesome to us!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times