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Delhi Might Soon Get Tram-Like Metro Trains If This Proposal Is Approved!



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Ever wondered how cool would it be if we had a metro system that covered shorter distances as well? Wouldn’t it make travelling so much easier?! Well, this might actually come true if this project is approved.

A 3-Coach Train In Tow? | The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has approved a 20 km stretch for something called Metrolite which will be a much cheaper, smaller and slower urban rail transit system compared to Delhi Metro. This stretch will connect Kirti Nagar to Sector 25 of Dwarka. Metrolite is a system that’s meant for smaller cities which will feature 3 coaches. These trains will run at a maximum speed of 60 km per hour with a load of approx 300 passengers.

The Metrolite might be constructed on the ground level and not on an elevated track in order to cut down the cost of construction. This proposal has been sent to the Delhi government and Central Government for approval before the same can be implemented.

So, what do you think about this move, folks? 

Sourced Via The Hindu